About Us


Founded in 1992 by Tengku Marina Ibrahim, Pink Jambu is a batik design house based in Kuala Lumpur. Specialising in the craft of batik, the company has remained a stalwart in Malaysia's luxury textile industry.

The art of batik has never been more refined. Each Pink Jambu product tells of its own story through craft. Every fabric is one of a kind in design and crafted with care.

Working closely with other Malaysian heritage crafts, namely Tenun Pahang Diraja (Royal Pahang Silks), Songket (Metallic Jacquard) and Tekad (Gold yarn embroidery), Pink Jambu continues to create luxury objects of art.

Pink Jambu is the key retailer of Cheminahsayang, the crown jewel of Royal Pahang Silks.

Indulge in colour and the finest silks of the region.